Eager to see the future? No need to wait for twenty years to see how you or your friends are going to look! A single photo is all you need to peek into the future. Just put your picture into ProphecyMaster, and see your face aged instantly. Don't believe this could work? Dig for old pictures of your parents and grandparents, put them into ProphecyMaster, and see their faces transformed to their current age!
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Not only age, but change their hair, then save it.

Not only age someone's picture, but change their hair color and/or style. Then save their picture onto your computer.
Bill Batross, 15.11.2016, 10:50
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have the future picture not look like a double exp

The future picture ends up looking like a poorly executed double exposure. A clean picture would be much better.
Joe Kennedy, 15.11.2016, 14:44
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see a proposed starting age

There should be a suggested age range for the original photo as the program seems to only add bags under the eyes and a wrinkled mouth. Most 7 year olds that I know haven't ended up with such features at 27.
Joe Kennedy, 15.11.2016, 14:47